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What can Chastity do for me?

Alongside years of theatrical and cabaret performance experience, Chastity is incredibly well versed in the corporate and commercial events world, having hosted and performed at events for Google, LinkedIn, NowTV to name a few. Here are just a scattering of the companies she has collaborated with. 

She is able to bring her expertise to all manner of professional events. Whether you require the full 'cabaret' experience or just a touch of sequins, Chastity is a thoughtful professional able to deliver high class events in a timely manner. She can host anything, from award shows to short pop up performances,  through to curating an entire show, or perhaps a full weekend!


She is also particularly experienced in digital events, and can ensure the New Normal™ doesn't become the New Awful. Chastity has an excellent set up for providing virtual entertainment and can do so from home, with a high quality set up, a quiet, reliable studio space to broadcast from and lighting rig. Should you choose to use a studio or green screen space, she is well used to those environments too. 


When it comes to the audience she can work to the most tailored brief, keeping it 'good clean fun' or something a little more 'out there' she is excellent at making just the right call to ensure your crowd has a truly memorable evening. 


If you're unsure of what you want, do get in touch to discuss your options, Chastity can assist you in the process of making decisions about your event should you so require. Her years of experience in this field enables her to make sensitive and helpful suggestions as to what will work for your audience, budget and requirements. 

As one events company labelled her, 'The skills of a true diva onstage, and not a hint of it off', Chastity is a consummate professional who understands the pressures of curating live events and can be instrumental in ensuring that every step is as easy as it can be. 

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